International business

Where is the best place to locate your company for doing your business or making your structured investments?

Several facts should be taken into account:

  • The location of operating company in proximity with the business or investment
  • The establishment or not an investment holding company
  • The jurisdiction where the holding company is located should take into account:
    • Language barriers
    • Banking system and multi-currency and internet banking facilities
    • Best facilitation of corporate creation and corporate governance
    • Availability of good accounting, tax and legal professionals
    • Tax treaty networks
    • Banking or monetary restrictions
    • Domestic withholding tax
    • Travel access to the country where your company is located and many other criteria.
We advise on options for the international structuring of your business, in particular, addressing the following:
  • Holding company structure
  • Jurisdiction of incorporation
  • Capital structure
  • Governance
  • Related agreements e.g. shareholders’ agreement