The music industry has significantly evolved these last decades and the publishing or recordings masters catalogues acquisition serious interest continues .  Several funds are now specialised in the acquisition of music catalogues. 

This is a competitive market. 

It is timely to seriously envisage the sale of your catalogue and appoint an independent agency to enter the competitive race of potential buyers to ensure the best open market value sale price; Catalogue Associates is the agency you need.

Our expertise, method and experience make us a key agency to owners of music rights catalogues.

Writers, publishers and master recordings owners, you can rely on  us to assist you with the entire process of the sale or purchase of your music masters or publishing catalogues.


We provide the following services:

  • Overview of your catalogue of music master recordings and/or your publishing catalogues
  • Suggestions on catalogue enhancement
  • Sourcing of buyers
  • Assistance on vendor due diligence
  • Discussions with potential buyers up to the sale closing


We offer all above services on a commission only basis, you pay on the sale price payable upon deal closing: no flat fee no spent time-basis fee: you have nothing to lose and everything to win by appointing us for your sale.