As music producer, music composer or writer, recording artist or publisher your music business structure and your contracts have a significant impact on your artistic career and your income.

Catalogue Associates, by engaging, tailor-made for each matter, lawyers with proven experience and expertise in the music industry, in publishing & record companies creation & management, in live show production and in tax & legal advisory services in relation with music business, can provide you the following services with expertise in several countries, particularly in the UK & Europe in the following areas:

Music label creation
Music label creation
  •  Setting up of Publishing companies, Record companies and live show production companies
  • Adherence to copyright collection and authors societies (PROs) strategy
Image rights and endorsement
  • Rights of publicity of artists,
  • Confidentiality and non-disparagement
Music contracts
  • Live Streams, contracts with promoters or users, licensing with PROs,
  • Recording agreement between recording artists and record companies
  • Publishing agreement between writers/composers and publishers, negotiation or termination
  • Publishing catalogue administration agreements; negotiation or termination
  • Performing artist engagement agreements between artists and promoters
  • Recordings: exclusive or non-exclusive recordings license agreements between producer artists and their labels and Major companies, distribution deals : negotiation, variation, term and termination
  • Use of music on all media whatever physical or digital use contracts : metaverse, video games, etc..
Music business and artists’ taxation
  • Withholding taxes : benefit of tax treaties for exemption or reduction of withholding tax on royalties, tax credits in the country of residence for Foreign withholding tax
  •  Tax treaties’ benefits: examination of conditions to benefit from the tax treaties favourable provisions
  •  Tax residence: study of the artists tax residence, change of tax residence